Where do I even begin?  This book was truly wonderful. Naomi Novik has done a truly beautiful job with this masterpiece!

I loved the characters, I know a few people had trouble liking the male protagonist due to his ‘prickly’ nature, but seeing as I’m quite a prickly person myself I totally loved him and fully understood that some people just aren’t as happy-go-lucky as others and some view the world with a slight disdain. Then there are others (the majority really) that are a happy mix of the two! And Sarken definitely falls in the disdain category! But I totally loved him for it!

I loved that the female protagonist wasn’t the ultimate hero of the story, I loved that she fumbled her way through and made the best of situations. Kasia was an utter delight to read, I could read a book just full of her! She was a fabulous character who you at first disliked but then as she became part-wood (spoiler! Sorry!) you just loved her and realised what a gem of a character she was!


This book qas was filled with magic, and not your everyday fantasy book magic, but evil dark and twisted along with the good. It was truly like reading an even darker version of a Grimms fairytale. It was truly enchanting and had me hooked from the very beginning.

If I were to pick a fault it would be that sometimes the story was a bit ‘wordy’ there was a few passages that could have been shortened but still had the same effect. But generally the world building was superb and the imagery that her descriptive Prose brought to mind was utterly thrilling!

Also the romance in it was beautiful and careful and slow building, no full bodied rush into it, it was honestly a truly enchanting read, though I know I was left wanting a tad more love right at the end!!


If if you are a fan of fantasy and fairytales then I fully recommend reading this book! 4.5* from mte!

The Sin Eaters Daughter

What can I say about this book? I really enjoyed it, though if I’m honest, not as much as I wanted to… I just wanted More.

The plot was good, the characters were good, the evil queen was evil… but I just wanted more depth, more character and More world building…

Twylla was a wonderful protagonist, she grew as the book went on, but even there, I just felt like there should have been more to her. Merek was a great prince and Leif was just dreamy… I felt like the ending was rushed, there wasn’t much in the way of a build up. It kind of just plodded, then there was a weird little coup and then a revelation and then… it ended… then there was an epilogue which made next to no sense. I felt like it should have been more dramatic, Leifs confession at the end should have been a blow to my heart but I wasn’t, it barely even registered. Twylla’s self-realisation and strong mindedness at the end should have had me beaming and whooping in joy, but in reality I was slightly underwhelmed.

I realise I currently sound like I didn’t like this book, but I really did, it was just very different to the standard fantasy books that I have become so familiar with! I’m used to fantasy books that have a gut wrenching punch at the end where we have a ‘happy ever after’ after the climax, even though we know it’s just the beginning, but this book didn’t even appear to have a climax as such, just a series of events that will eventually lead to a bigger plot, in a book further along the line, and it is very different as it left me feeling slightly blasé about this book. But also wanting more… because I feel like I deserve more as a reader… though I guess it is a good tactic to keep people reading your books!

To sum it up, this book was really Nice (for want of a better word!!)


3.5* and I am looking forward to the next book, hoping for just that bit more though!

Frost Like Night



This book was the prefect, PERFECT ending to this series!

I cannot tell you how much LOVE I have for this series! I felt for sure that I would never find an Author that I love as much as I do SJM, but Sara Raasch has literally blown me away.

We see Meira face her fear, and grow past the 16 year old that she is, we see her sacrifice herself, we see friendships blossoming, love blooming, we see friends turn against each other and death devouring them. We see a spark of hope amongst the growing black and we see despair and pain in all its ugly glory!


the character development is phenomenal, Mather comes such a long way and Ceridwen is literally t he best friend I wish I had. There is just so many secondary characters that mean so much to me that I wish I could read this book all over again for t he first time.

I can literally find no fault with it. I just love it and NEED the rest of the book world to love it with me


5* – EVERYONE needs to read this.

Ice Like Fire

Ok, so I’m going to keep this review short and sweet.

You could definitely  tell that this was the ‘middle’ book.

There wasn’t a whole lot of action, the pace was fast… but still felt like it was going nowhere. DO NOT GET ME WRONG, this was still a fantastic book, but compared to the first, it lacked a certain energy.

The last 3rd of this book definitely picked up the pace and set the scene for the last book. There was a Lot of character development, where we see Meira come into her power, but not know how to handle it, and she grows as a Queen (spoiler btw) and LOW AND BEHOLD – I TOTALLY KNEW I WAS GOING TO GET MY HEART CRUSHED! Fantasy books are the reason I no longer get attached to the ‘love’ interest… it never stays the same, or something happens to the one you prefer and it just crushes your soul!

Even though it was slow paced and the ‘middle’ book, I’m still going to give this book 4* as it was still a really good read and I have no doubt that it has set the scene for an EPIC finale!

Snow like Ashes

Move over YA fantasy of the past!!!

Seriously, how have I only just read this book?! It is seriously good! Like… Sara Raasch is now one of my favourite YA authors… and all just because of this book! (She’ll never beat SJM in my opinion, but she’s still pretty bloomin’ amazing!)

This book had me gripped from the first page. It is so well written that you instantly fall in love with the protagonist, you immediately love to hate the baddy, you subconsciously fall in love with the love interest… but which one?! – Yes, there is a love triangle… but it is so well written that even that I had no qualms with! I quickly found the one I would choose (ahem Theron) but I have such high hopes for more character development in the next two books, and have had my heart crushed by waaayyyyy too many authors that I’m not getting too carried away with my fangirl-crush!

The character development in this book was amazing. I literally cannot find fault with it. The plot is just as gripping, it is fast-paced, and such a refreshing read that I have (if you can’t tell) fallen head over heels in love with it!

What I loved more than the characters though, is the strange ability that Raasch has about giving the reader more knowledge than the characters – it’s a strange one, and I actually LOVE it! We know exactly what Meira knows (the protagonist – I don’t think I’ve mentioned names yet…), she finds out a secret, and so do we, there is none of this cloaked secrecy, but despite this, we still have this seat gripping cliff-hanger! It’s crazy, it’s like a secret only the reader and the protagonist knows, none of the other characters do and honestly, it makes for some pretty awesome reading!


This book fully deserves 5* and honestly, I implore EVERYONE to read it!


Sorry for super short review – it’s currently 9.40pm and I have to be awake at 4am to go to work ZzzzZzzzZzzz