The Red Scrolls of Magic

By Cassandra Clare and Wesley Chu

I finished this book last night, and if you’ve seen of my other posts regarding Cassandra Clare and her shadow hunter stories you will know just how much I love these stories.

I was so excited to learn more about Magnus and Alec, I wanted a true love story with action and I wanted to see Magnus and Alec working together and applying their skills together.

What actually happened was a really soppy “will he/won’t he” I’m a shadowhunter / warlock and how can they possibly like me. Storyline going on throughout the ENTIRE book.

To say I was underwhelmed would be a slight understatement.

We start out in Paris where the book starts on a high, they’re vacationing around Europe! Yey! They manage to destroy a theatre with a hot air balloon whilst fighting demons.

But them after that the story goes downhill and in my opinion there’s a lot of gaps and meaningless babble. There doesn’t appear to be a solid plot, and the love story becomes forced.

Add in two more characters with not much background story, who fall in love with next to no character arc and I lost interest.

It is a real shame as I really wanted to be blown away by Magnus and Alecs relationship. I wanted to see them battle against the prejudices of downworlders and being in a relationship with a shadowhunter but although it was mentioned regularly it was never really addressed.

Overall I just wanted more.

I wanted more relationship between the protagonists.

I wanted more action.

I wanted more back story to Magnus bane.

The cult that they were chasing didn’t seem to have a solid background either and it diminished how ‘dangerous’ it was supposed to be.

I still enjoyed it. But it wasn’t one of her best works.

3🌟s from me on this one I’m afraid!

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