Ghosts of the Shadow Market

By Cassandra Clare and others

This is follow on book from her Shadowhunters series, it spans the times between The Infernal Devices Trilogy, The Mortal Instruments and The Dark Artifices. If you’re looking for more information on Jem and Tessa then THIS is the book that you NEED to read.

After I’d finished CCs main books (I binge read them all) I definitely needed more information on Tessa and Jem, and this book did not disappoint! It fills in blanks where the books missed because, well, after TID Tessa and Jem took more of a back seat in the stories, and quite rightly I guess, they already had a trilogy, they didn’t need to take up more… but I have never been so glad to have a companion book written. J+T are my favourite characters and their love story is just heartbreaking.

I think, the only thing that (in my opinion) lets this book down is you can tell that it’s not all Cassie Clares writing. In one of her stories, where you’re introduced to Matthew, Lucie, James and the gang from The Last Hours (which came out this year and is a MUST READ for anyone who enjoys YA fantasy) they ALL say “Papa” continuously… I think I counted the word like, 8 times on one pages and it ended up just bugging the heck out me.

Despite this, I still loved the book, I loved the extra information it gave on some of the characters we’d met previously. And for anyone looking for more Shadowhunter stories I implore you to read this!


4*s from me for this book. But only because some repetitive prose

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