The Lunar Chronicles.

Ok, I’m going to be honest… My memory is shocking, like, horrendously so! I read these books about a week and a half ago, and yes I absolutely loved them I devoured them within 5 days… I can no longer really tell what happened in each book. I read them that quickly and consecutively that they’ve merged into the same book, so these reviews are going to be short and sweet…

Scarlet, like Cinder, is a Dystopian sci-fi, fantasy book based loosely on the fairytale of Little Red Riding Hood.

It is so good. Honest to god, the new characters in the series are amazing, and Scarlet quickly became a favourite, and Wolf, dear, darling wolf. How could anyone not have a soft spot for this Big Bad Wolf.

The pace was fast, the storyline totally intriguing, I loved the double story line of Scarlet’s and Cinders and the way in which they became interlinked was so so clever. Marissa Meyer is an artist.

I genuinely cannot find fault with this series.

It’s everything.



Evil step-mothers.

Evil Queens.




Hot Princes.



EVERYTHING!!! Oh and not forgetting the return of Iko. I need a best friend like her!

Another 5* book from me!


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