The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. 


Ok so confession time.

I bought this book aaaaggggeeeeesssss ago. I’d read reviews about how good it was and bought it without reading much about the actual plot. So when it came and I actually read that it was about a Cyborg in the future I was totally put off.

Every now and again I would pull it off my shelf, debate whether or not I should read it, decide against it, and put the book down again. But this month was different. In less then half a month a book comes out that I’ve been waiting a year for. And I was restless and couldn’t sit still. Desperate for something to whilst waiting for this book to out! So I decided that I’d read it and hope it took the edge of my restless mind for the next 2.5 weeks.

Little did I know.


I didnt have the the rest of the books in the series when I started reading… but now I do. And I have devoured them all in 5 days flat. (Which is a feat considering I went to work, kept on top of the house work, kept myself alive and looked after my children).


This book was pure bliss! I wish I could go back in time and read the whole thing again for the first time and take my time. I read it so fast that I know I missed some things. I am definitely going to reread this series!!

It’s pure beauty. Cinder is based on the fairytale Cinderella, but is so twisted that it is al unfamiliar, it’s not predictable, whenever you think you know what’s going on BAM 💥 you’re back at square one with not a clue what’s going to happen.

This is not a fairytale that you know and love, but you will come to love it for its own originality and characters!

The whole world is spectacularly built and the characters, primary and secondary are pure perfection. Iko, the android with the faulty personality chip is a girls best friend and I wish I could have her for my own! Levana is perfectly evil and twisted, and you will love to hate her and want her dead without mercy. Kai is as dreamy as dreams can be… and Cinders family are devastantingly despicable!

This books is 5* in my opinion! I loved it from start to finish!!! 

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