Where do I even begin?  This book was truly wonderful. Naomi Novik has done a truly beautiful job with this masterpiece!

I loved the characters, I know a few people had trouble liking the male protagonist due to his ‘prickly’ nature, but seeing as I’m quite a prickly person myself I totally loved him and fully understood that some people just aren’t as happy-go-lucky as others and some view the world with a slight disdain. Then there are others (the majority really) that are a happy mix of the two! And Sarken definitely falls in the disdain category! But I totally loved him for it!

I loved that the female protagonist wasn’t the ultimate hero of the story, I loved that she fumbled her way through and made the best of situations. Kasia was an utter delight to read, I could read a book just full of her! She was a fabulous character who you at first disliked but then as she became part-wood (spoiler! Sorry!) you just loved her and realised what a gem of a character she was!


This book qas was filled with magic, and not your everyday fantasy book magic, but evil dark and twisted along with the good. It was truly like reading an even darker version of a Grimms fairytale. It was truly enchanting and had me hooked from the very beginning.

If I were to pick a fault it would be that sometimes the story was a bit ‘wordy’ there was a few passages that could have been shortened but still had the same effect. But generally the world building was superb and the imagery that her descriptive Prose brought to mind was utterly thrilling!

Also the romance in it was beautiful and careful and slow building, no full bodied rush into it, it was honestly a truly enchanting read, though I know I was left wanting a tad more love right at the end!!


If if you are a fan of fantasy and fairytales then I fully recommend reading this book! 4.5* from mte!

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