Ice Like Fire

Ok, so I’m going to keep this review short and sweet.

You could definitely  tell that this was the ‘middle’ book.

There wasn’t a whole lot of action, the pace was fast… but still felt like it was going nowhere. DO NOT GET ME WRONG, this was still a fantastic book, but compared to the first, it lacked a certain energy.

The last 3rd of this book definitely picked up the pace and set the scene for the last book. There was a Lot of character development, where we see Meira come into her power, but not know how to handle it, and she grows as a Queen (spoiler btw) and LOW AND BEHOLD – I TOTALLY KNEW I WAS GOING TO GET MY HEART CRUSHED! Fantasy books are the reason I no longer get attached to the ‘love’ interest… it never stays the same, or something happens to the one you prefer and it just crushes your soul!

Even though it was slow paced and the ‘middle’ book, I’m still going to give this book 4* as it was still a really good read and I have no doubt that it has set the scene for an EPIC finale!

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