Frost Like Night



This book was the prefect, PERFECT ending to this series!

I cannot tell you how much LOVE I have for this series! I felt for sure that I would never find an Author that I love as much as I do SJM, but Sara Raasch has literally blown me away.

We see Meira face her fear, and grow past the 16 year old that she is, we see her sacrifice herself, we see friendships blossoming, love blooming, we see friends turn against each other and death devouring them. We see a spark of hope amongst the growing black and we see despair and pain in all its ugly glory!


the character development is phenomenal, Mather comes such a long way and Ceridwen is literally t he best friend I wish I had. There is just so many secondary characters that mean so much to me that I wish I could read this book all over again for t he first time.

I can literally find no fault with it. I just love it and NEED the rest of the book world to love it with me


5* – EVERYONE needs to read this.

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