Snow like Ashes

Move over YA fantasy of the past!!!

Seriously, how have I only just read this book?! It is seriously good! Like… Sara Raasch is now one of my favourite YA authors… and all just because of this book! (She’ll never beat SJM in my opinion, but she’s still pretty bloomin’ amazing!)

This book had me gripped from the first page. It is so well written that you instantly fall in love with the protagonist, you immediately love to hate the baddy, you subconsciously fall in love with the love interest… but which one?! – Yes, there is a love triangle… but it is so well written that even that I had no qualms with! I quickly found the one I would choose (ahem Theron) but I have such high hopes for more character development in the next two books, and have had my heart crushed by waaayyyyy too many authors that I’m not getting too carried away with my fangirl-crush!

The character development in this book was amazing. I literally cannot find fault with it. The plot is just as gripping, it is fast-paced, and such a refreshing read that I have (if you can’t tell) fallen head over heels in love with it!

What I loved more than the characters though, is the strange ability that Raasch has about giving the reader more knowledge than the characters – it’s a strange one, and I actually LOVE it! We know exactly what Meira knows (the protagonist – I don’t think I’ve mentioned names yet…), she finds out a secret, and so do we, there is none of this cloaked secrecy, but despite this, we still have this seat gripping cliff-hanger! It’s crazy, it’s like a secret only the reader and the protagonist knows, none of the other characters do and honestly, it makes for some pretty awesome reading!


This book fully deserves 5* and honestly, I implore EVERYONE to read it!


Sorry for super short review – it’s currently 9.40pm and I have to be awake at 4am to go to work ZzzzZzzzZzzz

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2 thoughts on “Snow like Ashes

    1. I know! I only heard of it just before Christmas and got the series off my kids. I cannot believe I haven’t read it! it’s such an amazing series, and the third is literally, gosh, I have no words. It blew me away! It is so well written and only gets better as the series continues!

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