Sweet Temptation

Ok so Sweet Temptation by Lucy Diamond, the cover looks like your typical Chick-Lit cheese fest. Even the back cover describes the book as an overtly girly book. So I was totally surprised when I opened this book and read something that had me 100% gripped on the everyday struggles of the modern female.

It is a book that focuses on weight and the struggles of losing it… I found that instead of being a light and jokey-book like so many of the weight loss-chick-lits that are out there this book tried and failed to be light hearted and jokey, it felt more like the author wanted to get across the actual mental pain that obese people feel on a day to day basis. there was no sugar coating it, no ‘oh I’m only a bit overweight’ the language Lucy Diamond used was brutally honest “the fat seemed to have crept over me like a wobbly pink covering. I bulged over my kneecaps. There were distinct, countable rolls around my waist. You could barely see my ankles” and I sometimes cringed at how apt some of the descriptions were… not because I myself am obese, but sometimes I am that person she is describing looking at her with judgemental eyes or a sneer… reading this book made me feel very naked, and ‘Phew,’ I said, forcing a smile, though I was more concerned about imminent heart failure. ‘well that’s my exercise for the week!’ Vanessa Gray overheard and gave me a chilly smirk. It said loser’ I began to hate myself a bit for how I can be. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a bad person, but sometimes, these little evil thoughts creep into my head like ‘oh thank god I’m not THAT fat’ or so such, and I admit, it does make me a terrible person, but it’s these thoughts that make me feel better about myself… after two children my body is an absolute mess of stretch marks, flabby skin that has stretched beyond repair… and as awful as it seems these horrid little silent comments in my head make me feel just a fraction better about myself. But this book – oh how it made me hate myself! What a horrid, awful person I am for being so self-absorbed as to mentally put people down to make myself feel better, as if they don’t already put themselves down or have to hear it practically daily! I literally just add to their misery even if it is just in my head!

I honestly have no fault with this book. I LOVED it. it felt like I was reading something so real and honest, and although I can’t relate on a weight level, on a female level, and a totally-insecure-in-my0own-skin level, I totally can. Not only that but this book also addresses other life issues. such as motherhood, starting your own business, cancer and so so much more than your average chick-lit!

Honestly, the cancer storyline had me weeping, it’s one of the main characters mothers, and although she talks through it fairly quickly it just nails home just how quickly and painfully the illness can affect some families! It is a short but brutal storyline that just adds to the rawness of this book! It really is completely different to any chick-lit I have ever read.

I highly recommend this book to anyone!

Totally worth 4.5*


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